VIES registration in Spain- finally good news !

After our previous gloomy posts on the difficulty in getting Spanish registered businesses onto the EU Intracommunity VAT register (VIES), we have some good news ! Recent clients for whom we have requested VIES registration have been approved very quickly- within a month at the most. This includes both foreign companies with no permanent establishment […]

Spanish businesses registering on the VIES

A couple of years ago, in an article on this blog , we addressed the problems that Spanish businesses face when trying to register on the EU VAT database (VIES). Sadly, nothing has improved to date. To recap, a business that registers for VAT in Spain is not automatically registered on the VIES, as is the procedure […]

Registering as an Intracommunity Operator in Spain – VIES

In many European countries,  there is no distinction between the procedures for registering for local VAT, and registering on the European Union list of Intracommunity Operators, knows as VIES (VAT Information Exchange system). For instance in France, when a company obtains a French VAT number they are automatically assigned an EU VAT number, which is […]

Spanish income tax changes for the year 2019 ?

For two years now there has been no change to the income tax rates and allowances in Spain. With the new government in Spain led by the Socialist Party of Pedro Sanchez, it is fair to expect that there will be some kind of tax shake-up.  However Sanchez has a minority government after being put […]